Cutting Edge: Unique sport headed for Oxford

Posted on Jul 11 2019 - 5:55am by Joshua Clayton

A historic Viking sport has made its way through Canada all the way down south, and will soon arrive in Oxford. 

Civil Axe Throwing will open its new location on Old Taylor Road in August, allowing Oxford residents to experience one of the region’s fastest growing recreational sports in a safe environment. Patrons will be able to throw a light axe at a wooden target with assistance from trained “axe-perts”. 

The company opened their first location in Huntsville, Alabama, in 2017 and already has seven locations open spreading across Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, including a location in Corinth. They also expect to continue to expand throughout the southeast in Louisiana and Florida.

“It was extremely important for to get into Oxford because we saw the huge benefit to being in the city and in the community,” Scott Brewster, the company’s marketing and sales director, said. “I mean, we can’t get open fast enough and we’re looking forward to the first week of August.”

So what has allowed the company to expand to 15 locations in seven states so quickly?

Photo Courtesy: Civil Axe Throwing

“I think it comes down to it being so unique,” Brewster said. “People are looking for something new, right? They’re looking for a new date night, they’re looking forward to a new place to go, something that’s fun and interactive. We do bachelorette parties, birthday parties. I don’t want to say it’s the new bowling alley, but it’s kind of becoming that. People are enjoying it.” 

Civil Axe Throwing starts at $20 per person for an hour of open throw and $160 for an hour of private group throwing. Throwers must be over 14 and wear closed-toe shoes. The company also plans on possibly opening up a bar in the location eventually, pending a liquor license. Several locations already allow customers to bring their own alcohol.

For those looking to get into the competitive world of axe throwing, the company is a member of the National Axe Throwing Federation, which holds several standardized competitions across the nation. Qualifying throwers compete for the Wilson Cup in the National Axe Throwing Championship in Toronto.