Letter to the Editor from the Jewish community

Dear Editor,

The undersigned were generally impressed with the coverage of our community’s reaction to the protestors who marched in Oxford on Feb. 23. We were personally proud of the men on the basketball team who knelt during the National Anthem protest of the Neo-Confederate marchers. Their statement was a powerful one.

One aspect of the coverage did disturb us, however. Much attention was paid to the fact that one of the neo-Confederates was a Jew. We are members of the Jewish community of Oxford, and the neo-Confederate interviewed in no way reflects the beliefs or values of the Jewish community. Her lack of understanding of history and context was appalling, and we categorically disagree with her position on Confederate symbolism.


Ariel Baron-Robbins

Ben Cooper

Richard Gershon

Nina Rifkind

Stuart Schafer

Ron Shapiro

Jason Solinger

JT Thomas