‘Always Be My Maybe’ is a ‘nostalgic’ look at modern romance

Posted on Jun 7 2019 - 11:41am by Sarah Smith

Need some hope in the love department? The romantic comedy genre sure has lately. But recently, Netflix’s “Always Be My Maybe” has reignited a flame in the rom-com genre.

Sure, we’ve had a few great teen rom-coms, such as “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” but recent release “Always Be My Maybe” brings back us back to young love and sitting on the couch devouring movies with our friends while dreaming about romance. It’s a young-at-heart but genuine-in-spirit kind of movie.

Photo Courtesy: IMDb

This Asian-starring cast wows in a hilarious story about a man who hasn’t quite grown up and a prideful woman. The story follows Sasha Tran (Ali Wong) as she’s navigating a new engagement and wedding planning when she comes back to her hometown of San Francisco to open her new restaurant. After running into her childhood love Marcus Kim (Randall Park), she quickly looks down her nose at him with pride. Yet after returning home, her fiancé decides to postpone their wedding and suggests seeing other people.

This leaves Sasha hurt and confused, but quickly jumping back into the dating scene and finding herself a “freaky” date. Keanu Reeves (playing himself), is just this for her, unleashing a hilarious double date gone wrong quickly thereafter.

There are a few moments with “Pride and Prejudice” vibes, but all in good taste. “Always Be My Maybe” remains truthful about love and romance while still having the fictional flair needed in the romance genre. The relationship between these characters feel real and invokes all those moments one wants while watching a romance movie: laughs, smiles, and most importantly, swoons. Our intelligent heroine doesn’t give up on her dreams nor does our rap-clad hero, rather finds a compromise along the way.  

After a game that leads to Sasha admitting her childhood crush was Marcus, “Always Be My Maybe” escalates to the classic “Will It Work?” plotline. While it is a predictable plot line, it’s not tired in this case. It’s presented in a fresh-enough manner that it doesn’t matter if it’s so cliche.

If you’re in the mood for something romantic, fun and fresh off the boat (just kidding, that’s Park’s other series), then turn this on.

Another note is for those that are still yearning for 1990s and early-2000s jams, it brings back on that nostalgia that will have you singing along to the film’s soundtrack. “Always Be My Maybe” isn’t the most groundbreaking or life changing romance ever, but it’s that movie that’s perfect for girls nights or for a guilty pleasure rom-com we all need now and again.