What’s in the stars for ASB presidential candidates

Posted on Mar 21 2019 - 5:50am by Eliza Noe

It’s a stressful time to be an ASB presidential candidate. Handing out stickers, dressing up to impress constituents and changing your Instagram username can really take a toll. Luckily for the candidates, we’ve read the stars to find out how the next two weeks will really unfold.

Barron Mayfield: Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Barron Mayfield. Photo by Katherine Butler.

As a water sign, Barron may become bored with the setup of his living space. Since Mercury has been causing chaos since it entered retrograde, he is going to need to feng his shui to clean out any bad energy. As we near election day, however, things will look up. A tall, dark stranger drinking lemonade will appear at some point next week, and that’ll be Mayfield’s cue to go after any business ventures that head his way. On March 26, Venus enters Pisces, making it the most romantic time of the year. And with the new Game of Thrones season approaching, who knows? Maybe this Khal can find his Khaleesi.

Notable Pisces:

Queen Latifah

Chuck Norris

Cindy Crawford

Lucky numbers: 88, 29, 9

Leah Davis: Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Leah Davis. Photo by Katherine Butler.

Good news for Leah: Aries season starts today. Even though these elections can cause pressure, now is an Aries’s time to shine. Aries crave adventure, so it would be wise for Leah to take a late-night excursion to Batesville’s Waffle House to escape the campaign stresses. She shouldn’t let the campaign frenzy get in the way of her passion projects or hobbies either. However, Leah won’t be completely safe from Mercury. Since Mercury is in retrograde, secrets could reveal themselves. If she’s secretly a Jojo Siwa stan, it would be best to come clean now.

Notable Aries:

Lady Gaga

Elton John

Chance the Rapper

Lucky numbers: 14, 10, 3

Tom Fowlkes: Leo (July 23-August 22)

Tom Fowlkes. Photo by Katherine Butler

Because he’s a Leo, Tom’s more energetic side will come out during election season. Like, if you were to play against him in “Just Dance 3,” you would probably lose. Colossally. This month, he’ll be in sync with those closest to him, but he should be flexible because any long-term decisions will be wrecked by Mercury. After that rollercoaster, however, it’ll be smooth sailing for this fire sign. Unlike Barron, Tom needs to watch out for a short, pale stranger with red shoes. He’s up to no good. Regardless, it won’t be too bad because everytime Fowlkes walks into a room this month, M83’s “Midnight City” will play on repeat.

Notable Leos:

Joe Jonas

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Lucky numbers: 19, 90, 3