Word on the Street: Remembering MLK

Katrina Caldwell, vice chancellor for diversity and community engagement:

Katrina Caldwell

“Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave us a roadmap to a particular spot on the journey towards justice. He never intended to take us to the final destination – no one group nor one man nor one movement can do that. Celebrating his legacy reminds us that we still have work to do and that each of us has the power and responsibility to help lead and guide us to other places on that roadmap.”


Jarvis Benson, president of Black Student Union:

Jarvis Benson

“I believe that Rev. Martin Luther King helped set the tone of the civil rights movement. His solid convictions of nonviolence and peace helped consolidate the leadership of the movement.”


Malik Pridgeon, executive director of Queer People of Color:

Malik Pridgeon

“History is an important teacher because if we fail to learn from it, we repeat our mistakes, which is why I think Rev. King’s legacy should be continually celebrated. This is especially important now because, looking at today’s political climate, we still have a lot to learn.”


Alexis Neely, president of Delta Sigma Theta sorority:

Alexis Neely

“My African-American studies minor has really put the legacy of the civil rights movement in perspective. Sure, there were older leaders, but a lot of the activists, like those in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, were college-age just like me. I still remember my visit to the museum and seeing the very spot where MLK was assassinated. We’ve come far, but we have a lot further to go.”