Hip-hop’s favorite couple: Why Cardi B and Offset are perfect for each other

Posted on Nov 6 2017 - 7:58am by Jyesha Johnson

“It ain’t never too early to get married now,” Cardi B said when asked about an engagement months ago at the BET Awards. Clearly not — Cardi B and Offset shocked the world with their engagement Oct. 27 after dating for less than a year. Many have coined them hip-hop’s new power couple, and it’s not hard to see why they’re a fan favorite. Their dynamic, fun-loving personalities compliment each other perfectly, and even though their upbringings were vastly different, they couldn’t be more right for each other.

  1. Though they’re from completely different regions, neither was brought up with a silver spoon. Cardi B was raised in the Big Apple, where her dad was a taxi driver and her mom was a cashier in the Bronx. Offset is from the South and was raised alongside his Migos counterparts Quavo and Takeoff by Quavo’s mom, who was a hairstylist in Atlanta. Their music often speaks of the humble beginnings they had.
  2. Cardi B and Offset both value family. The first thing Offset bought as a celebrity was a house for his mom. He also frequently talks about the the strong bond he has with his group members who are his cousins. Cardi speaks of her family in her debut hit “Bodak Yellow” when she says, “And I pay my mama bills. I ain’t got no time to chill.” She’s also often seen out with her sister Hennessy.
  3. Cardi B and Offset both have a knack for fashion. Together, they were one of the trendiest couples out at New York Fashion Week. They often wear outfits that complement one another.
  4. Cardi B’s and Offset’s rises to fame differed, but they now both enjoy relatively equal success. Cardi B was a viral sensation before she became a reality star turned hip-hop artist. Her Instagram page had half a million followers in 2015, before her first reality show appearance. She gained followers through her unapologetic, no-filter attitude. Offset and Migos, on the other hand, had different roads to fame. The trio was first a regional success, mainly recognized in the Atlanta area. Its breakout hit “Versace” made Migos a household name, and it hasn’t left the scene since. Though Cardi has not been making music as long as Offset, it’s clear they’re both talented artists. As a matter of fact, music is what brought the two together. The two recorded “Lick” together before officially announcing they were a couple.

Cardi B and Offset are now hip-hop’s favorite love story. Here’s to a great wedding and an even happier (and hilarious) marriage.