Letter to the Editor: Noel Morgan

Posted on Apr 6 2017 - 6:32pm by Noel Morgan

Something needs to be done about the Mississippi flag.

Those on both sides of the issue are ready to present their arguments and it is time that they be allowed to do so. The Mississippi legislature should either take the issue up next session or there should be a statewide initiative vote.

Personally I believe that this is an issue for the state to decide, meaning I am in favor of a constitutional initiative vote. The legislature will more than likely reject action of any kind on the flag purely for political purposes.

Changing the flag would be good for the states reputation. Remembering and honoring the past is admirable and should be done; but the flag is a living and breathing symbol of Mississippi. It is not a monument.

Monuments should stand tall and proudly remind those of us in the present of the past. Mississippi is my home, and I love my state. I want her to succeed.

Changing the state flag and moving proudly into the future is the move to make. Our state has serious problems to solve and we need serious people to solve them. Education, infrastructure, and healthcare should be the priorities of our state leaders. Let’s get this flag issue behind us one way or the other and get on with moving Mississippi forward.

Noel Morgan is a business administration major from Tupelo.