Playlist of the Week: Forget Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 19 2019 - 5:01am by Adam Dunnells

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, I think that it is time to give some love to all of our readers who didn’t have someone to celebrate with this year. Whether you’re newly single, still getting over an old ex or voluntarily living the single life for a while, hopefully you can find a song that helps you forget all the sappy romance of Valentine’s Day.

“New Man” – Ed Sheeran

I really could have listed almost any song from Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” album, but I wanted to include a lesser-known song from the album. While many of Sheeran’s breakup songs are really sad, “New Man” is about a girl’s new boyfriend, who the singer thinks is a jerk. This one is a fun song.

“The Break Up Song” – American Hi-Fi

“I’m Aquarius” – Metronomy

“Shake Weights & Moving Crates” – Patent Pending

“Crash My Party” – Luke Bryan

“One Thing” – Finger Eleven

“Not About You” – Jonathan Coulton

This song is also fun but for entirely different reasons. When I first listened to this song years ago, I didn’t get the irony and thought it was a song about genuinely getting over someone. Once you listen to this song a few times and really think about it, it’s a pretty funny song about trying to get over someone but failing.

“5:19” – Matt Wertz

“You Belong With Me” – Go Periscope

While the original Taylor Swift song is beloved by many, this cover by an electro-pop band puts an interesting spin on the song, making it something entirely different.

“I’m Getting Over You” – The Click Five

“Since We Broke Up” – Bowling For Soup

“Nothing Lasts Forever” – Akira the Don (feat. Envy)

“Anyway” – Wheatus

“Come Around” – Rhett Miller

“50 Ways to Say Goodbye” – Train

“I Can Do Better Than That” – Anna Kendrick

“This Ain’t No Love Song” – Trace Adkins

“By Now” – Marianas Trench