Here come the stickers: ASB election season kicks off

Posted on Mar 17 2019 - 9:07am by Griffin Neal

The Associated Student Body election season began on Sunday night as candidates for all ASB positions were certified to run in the 2019 Spring General Election by interim ASB Attorney General Anya Czerwinski on Sunday night.

In total, there are 13 students running for the six executive cabinet positions.

Candidates for ASB President are Leah Davis, Tom Fowlkes and Barron Mayfield.

Candidates for vice president are Sarah Doty, Brady Kies, J.R. Riojas, Charlotte Shackelford and Nick Weaver.

Candidates for judicial chair are Liza Boyer and Brynn Trahan.

Hannah Chauvin is the only candidate running for secretary. Austin Fiala is the only candidate running for attorney general, and Gianna Schuetz is the only candidate running for treasurer.

Campaigning will take place on Business Row and will last until election day on April 2. Run-off elections are set for April 4. Ahead of elections, student media will host a debate for all executive candidates next week at the Overby Center auditorium.

On April 2, along with electing 50 new ASB Senators, students will have the opportunity to elect a new ASB Secretary, Treasurer, Attorney General, Judicial Chair, Vice President and President.

Of the current executive cabinet, President Elam Miller, Vice President Walker Abel and Judicial Chair Alex Crouch, all seniors, are not running for a position this election cycle.

Secretary Cady Cooper elected not to run for her position for a second term. Interim Treasurer Gianna Schuetz is running for treasurer, and former Attorney General Austin Fiala is running again for attorney general.

Because the ASB Attorney General’s office manages ASB elections, Fiala stepped down on Feb. 28 to remain independent of the electoral process during his own campaign. Czerwinski is his interim replacement.

I have played a role in elections for the past three years and I am thrilled to be the Attorney General right now,” Czerwinski said. “It has really made me appreciate the time and effort that candidates put in to run their own campaigns.”