Letter to the editor: Pierce Wortham

Posted on Sep 21 2017 - 7:59am by Pierce Wortham
While I am on board for getting rid of the bear, this shark thing isn’t a good idea. Around the country, people are laughing hysterically at us (see: our football program), so let’s not add fuel to the already out of control blaze. Yes, the bear was a terrible mascot choice from the jump (Admiral Ackbar was the only option I would have supported back then), but don’t hastily replace him without a reasonable (and the Landshark is not reasonable) replacement. I have a suggestion that, I think, most alumni could get behind (and by most I mean at least a few).
How about an Oak Tree? For the record, initially, I thought Magnolia Tree, but decided those broad leaves and large flowers would make an odd looking costume. Anyway, similar to the Stanford Tree, which I assume has some sort of significance to their campus (did not Google), our Tree can signify the most beloved (or well known) spot on our campus, the Grove. Y’all want a PC mascot, this is your chance, as I’ve never heard of anyone being offended by a tree. I mean, they make oxygen, which allows us to live – who could hate that?
No disrespect for Tony Fein, but do we really want that tragic story (thanks for your service, but the rest is cautionary tale at best) to represent us? Furthermore, a mascot should stand for ALL SPORTS! The Landshark is synonymous with football and football alone. The Tree (or Colonel Oakey, or whatever dumb name we decide to call it) would represent our beautiful campus as a whole. Look, I’m not even sure this vote matters (haven’t seen anything from the administration in response); however, that’s what I thought back in whatever year I didn’t vote the first time.
Students of Ole Miss, let your voice be heard!! Write in OAK TREE on Election Day!!!
Pierce Wortham is a 2008 alumnus originally from Rosedale and now living in Las Vegas.