Playlist: Songs for the Weekend

Posted on Apr 16 2019 - 5:00am by Adam Dunnells

As some of you likely know, this weekend is Easter and we all have an extra day to celebrate the weekend. Enjoy a Friday of no class and hopefully no work. Here is a playlist that you can use anytime you are celebrating the weekend.

1. “Working for the Weekend” – Loverboy

2. “Every Night is Friday Night (Without You)” – Old 97’s

3. “Saturday” – Fall Out Boy – Most Fall Out Boy fans will be unfamiliar with this song, as it appeared on their first album, “Take This to Your Grave.” While the meaning behind the lyrics is unclear (even for FOB standards), it talks about Saturday, so it still counts.

4. “Friday Night Alone” – JJ Demon

5. “The Weekend” – SZA

6. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” – Katy Perry – There was a time shortly after this song was released that it was hard to go 24 hours without hearing it. Katy Perry has released so many hit songs that it makes sense that one or two of them would fade into the background, and it appears that “Last Friday Night” is one of them. Hopefully this list helps you remember the song.

7. “Sunday Morning Coming Down” – Johnny Cash

8. “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” – Panic! At The Disco

9. “Another Song About the Weekend” – A Day to Remember

10. “Love on the Weekend” – John Mayer

11. “Broken Sunday” – Saliva

12. “Saturday Night” – 2AM Club – Aside from their 2010 hit song “Worry About You,” 2AM Club hasn’t really released any popular music. This song was from the band’s debut album, and it’s a pretty mellow song for a list full of a lot of up-tempo songs.

13. “Weekend Wars” – MGMT

14. “Saturday” – Simple Plan

15. “Drinkin’ Beer on a Sunday” – Bowling for Soup