How to Road Reb in the Razorback Nation

Posted on Oct 14 2016 - 8:01am by McKenna Wierman

Woo-hoo, Rebs! It’s the first away game in weeks, and everyone who is anyone is heading up to hog country in Fayetteville, Arkansas, this weekend. Students from the University of Mississippi will trek hours worth of hills and Arkansas mountains to watch the boys face off against the Razorbacks.

If you’re like me and this is your first time hitting the road for the Rebels, then you might have a few questions. What should you take with you? Where will you find food? What other fun things await you in Fayetteville? How the hell do you get there?

Fayetteville really is a very lovely town. I’ve had the pleasure of spending a weekend or two there, and while I’m hardly an expert, here are a few of my recommendations if you’re setting off on the journey.

(Graphic by: Marisa Morissette)

(Graphic by: Marisa Morissette)


The Car Trip:

If you’re flying, good for you. If you’re not, listen up: don’t forget water. I know I sound like a broken record, but I feel obligated to remind everyone at all times to stay hydrated. You may also want to pack a few snacks and sundries for the ride. It’s about 400 miles via I-20 West, so get ready for quite a lot of driving. You’ll also for sure want to have a printed-out map with you, in case your phone dies or your GPS goes haywire. And of course, show everyone that famous Southern charm and make sure you’re driving politely. No one wants to get a ticket on the way to football fun time.

If you happen to stumble across any unexpected treasures or gems on the road to the Razorback nation, be sure to tweet them back to the @DM_Lifestyles using #RoadReb!



Hopefully, you’ve already got a place to stay all picked out and ready to go. If not, I can’t help you. But I can tell you that if you’re looking for the college life in town, head to Dixon Street. Here is where you’re going to find your bars, clubs and good eating. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking for something to do during the daytime, this weekend is the 3rd annual Washington County Fall Festival arts & crafts show. For you night owls, however, look for live music and fun downtown and around Dixon. If you’re looking for the local fare, Hog Haus and Grubs are Razorback favorites. For more local listings, check out the Arkansas Traveler website.


Game time, baby:

Kick-off is at 6 p.m. this weekend, so make sure you are good and ready (and hydrated!) when you head to Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Dress in navy blue, wear those little Ole Miss stickers on your cheeks and get ready to cheer. Just like at the Vaught, the Razorback’s stadium has rules, so make sure you take a looksy over the University of Arkansas’ policies if it’s your first time visiting.


Most of all, don’t forget to cheer your heart out for the Rebels. We are currently seeking to destroy the two-year winning streak the Razorbacks hold against us, and it looks like it’s going to be one hell of a fight. So get out there and support your team, Ole Miss!