The Daily Mississippian staff makes Super Bowl predictions

Posted on Feb 1 2019 - 5:50am by Staff Report

Which team wins the Super Bowl on Sunday? (61 percent of Twitter poll says Patriots)

Justin: Gotta go Rams on this one. The Pats dynasty is slowly coming to an end.

Josh: As much as I’d like the Rams to win, haunting experiences from the past tell me to never bet against Brady and Belichick. Pats win by a touchdown.

Slade: Rams win, bringing full circle the NFL’s efforts to make LA a two-team town.

Devna: I’m rooting for the Rams because I’m in a fight with a Saints-supporting friend… like, a big one. Boo, Saints.

Eliza: I’m conflicted. I grew up a Saints fan, so I feel obligated to go against the Rams. But my best friend is a die-hard Rams fan. I’ll go with Patriots.

Christian: Since I’m from Missouri, I have to say the Patriots now.

Which team wins the coin toss? (57 percent of Twitter poll says Patriots)

Justin: Bill Belichick’s magic comes into play here. Patriots win the coin toss.

Josh: Patriots.

Slade: Rams call heads, Nickell Robey-Coleman grabs the coin mid air. Surprise, it’s heads!

Devna: The Patriots just seem to have good luck, don’t they? I guess the Patriots.

Eliza: Rams.

Christian: Rams win.

What color gatorade will the winning coach be drenched in after the game? (46 percent of Twitter poll says Yellow)

Justin: Yellow.

Josh: Orange.

Slade: Oran… but what’s that? Robey-Coleman’s there again and knocks McVay out of the splash zone.

Devna: Yellow.

Eliza: Blue.

Christian: Yellow.

Over or under 7.5 songs performed at the halftime show? (76 percent of Twitter poll says under)

Justin: Over.

Josh: Under… Hopefully.

Slade: Over.

Devna: I hope over!

Eliza: Under.

Christian: Probably over.

Will there be a touchdown thrown by a non-QB? (73 percent of Twitter poll says No)

Justin: Ever heard of Julian Edelman? Yes.

Josh: Yes. Greg “The Legatron” Zuerlien throws a dime on a fake field goal.

Slade: Are we considering Taysum Hill a QB? There’s no way that man doesn’t find his way onto the field this weekend.

Devna: Is that a big deal or something?

Eliza: I’m going to say no.

Christian: Sure, I’ll go for a wild card.