Weekly playlist: covers on covers

Posted on Mar 30 2016 - 12:01pm by Alice Mckelvey

What’s up guys? Hope everyone’s enjoyed their spring break/Easter/whatever you’ve been celebrating the last two weeks.  We’re nearing the finish line of classes—just 27 more school days until exams! We can do it!

This week’s playlist is all about covers, and probably covers that you didn’t even realize were covers. No particular genre is represented, per se; instead, this list traverses decades and styles.  I’ve made a list of about 15 songs that I think you should know are covers and also attached their originals to compare. Think of this list as a little history lesson that you won’t be graded on later. You can just use this knowledge at parties or what-have-you to make people think you’re smart. It’s what I do.

This by no means covers (no pun intended) all the songs I’d like to list, but it’s a good beginner’s guide to the world of unoriginality. You’ve got your Nirvana, No Doubt, Cat Power and The Clash, among others. Oh, and that really sad song at the end of Donnie Darko. Yeah, that’s a cover, too.

I hope you all enjoy this playlist and do some digging of your own to find some more songs like these that are covers. Happy hunting!

– Alice Mckelvey