Ole Miss Hockey makes its mark

Posted on Feb 16 2016 - 10:45am by Dani Thomas

Hockey is a sport known for its aggression and fast pace. The sport of hockey is one that requires teamwork, balance, and a want to fight for yourself and those you care about. This is the kind of mentality your Ole Miss Hockey teams stands by every time they take the ice. Although hockey is not one of the more prominent sports on campus, it is still an excellent presentation of Ole Miss Athletics thanks to its players and coaching staff.


The 2015 Ole Miss Hockey Team (Courtesy: Ole Miss Hockey)

Angelo Rosena, the coach of this years team, came to Ole Miss as a transfer student. The program had just gotten started when Rosena began playing for the team and he had always hoped for an opportunity to move up to a leadership role. Soon after, Rosena was able to take over the head coaching position and propel the program to new heights. He explains a majority of the program is “volunteer work by everyone from our boosters to our coaching staff.” Ole Miss Hockey players also pay to play each season, which goes to show the intense passion these students, and staff have for the game.

Ole Miss Hockey practices and plays at both The Mid-South Ice House in Olive Branch and also at The Bancrop South Arena in Tupelo.“We know it’s a drive but its worth it to check it out at least once and a lot of people end up coming back because they enjoy it,” said Rosena.

You can support Ole Miss hockey by their social media accounts or by simply spreading the word. The team works tirelessly every season to keep the program running and to make sure that those with a passion for the sport don’t ever have to give it up. Rosena assures that the team is treated “like a professional organization and keeps the standards as high as possible.”


(Courtesy: Ole Miss Hockey)

Although the season this year has recently come to an end, the program does not take a break. “We are constantly making sure we do everything right and are representing the university as we take pride in it and its something we take every seriously,” said Rosena.

Look out for the Ole Miss Hockey Team fall 2016.