Mississippi in brief

Posted on Oct 23 2015 - 8:20am by Lizzie McIntosh

Your baby to propose. According to CBS News, in Forrest County this week Michael Miles from Mississippi proposed to his girlfriend in a very unusual way. Miles said that he always knew he wanted to involve his soon-to-arrive daughter in his proposal to his girlfriend Triston Lowery, he just needed help coming up with a plan. Lowery went into labor on Thursday, and Miles took the opportunity and ran with it. Miles made a plan with the nurses to take newborn Lynleigh for pretend testing right after she was born. In reality, the nurse was done with her shift and met Miles’ mother in the hallway. While out of the room Miles met his mother to grab the engagement ring and to change Lynleigh into a onesie with the printed words, “Will you marry my daddy?” A video of the proposal has gone viral.

Try to say that five times fast. This week, the Hattiesburg American reported that a Louisiana company has been charged in the death of a Biloxi businessman. The U.S. Attorney’s Office filed the charge against C.F. Bean LLC of Belle Chasse on Friday. Bean is facing charges of misconduct and neglect of ship officers, which was responsible for the death of Mark Barhanovich in 2012. Barhanovich was 54 when he died after an accident near Deer Island. Reports show that the motor broke off from the stern and flipped into the boat killing Barhanovich. The area between Deer Island and the location of the barge is a popular route for recreational boaters.

Or at least we hope so. 78 basketball officials who make up the Gulf Coast Basketball Officials Association have gone on strike this week for “lack of adequate compensation.” According to WXXV News, officials on the Coast get paid around $40 a game which is near or at the very bottom of pay compared to the salary of other Mississippi referees. The Mississippi High School Athletics Association offered the referees a $5 per game pay raise, while the GCBOA is asking for a $15 raise. No agreement has been reached, but the officials say that they have no plans of backing down. Games start on November 5. Here’s hoping that the ballers will have shot-callers come basketball season.

In a remix to Rihanna’s popular hit, Biloxi is not playing around in the money department. According to MSNBC, Biloxi has been accused of having a modern day “debtors’ prison.” A lawsuit was filed Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union charging Biloxi for threatening and enforcing jail time if people are unable to afford court fees and fines. It has been over three decades since the Supreme Court outlawed the practice of locking people up because they weren’t able to afford fines. Heightened public awareness of the issue has led to reforms similar to what is occurring in Biloxi. According to the city’s specific lawsuit, at least 415 people were jailed in the past year on charges for failing to pay debts to Biloxi. MSNBC told the story of one man who was unable to pay off his $200 traffic fine in full and then had to spend seven nights in jail before seeing a judge. Similar law suits are under way in Louisiana, Alabama and Washington state.